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About Nortex Mill


The highest quality fabrics at the lowest possible prices. A promise which started life on the market stalls in Bolton, and continues throughout today.


Tom wouldn't have it any other way.

In the early 70's, Tommy Edge started selling fabric by the yard on his market stall in Bolton. Passionate to deliver unrivalled quality with unmatched customer service, customers regularly returned, knowing that Tom could find a matching roll of almost any material.


In the early 90's, Tom had opened his factory shop in Nortex Mill, which still remains our home today. The premises changed, but the passion did not. To this day, we will still try and find a matching fabric - a tradition that we feel differentiates us, and keeps you, our customer, coming back.


Unfortunately Tom took ill, and passed on his dream in the middle of 2009. Nortex Mill is still a family run business, and many of Tom's team are still here today. We still strive to deliver on the promises he made, and match his incredible passion.


In early 2010, Nortex Mill opened online. By late 2011, our online presence is a key part of our business, and we're finding new ways (FacebookTwitter and Pinterest) to engage with our customers, with the same attention that we aim to deliver in the shop. Our free samples, for example, allow you to feel the texture and match the colour of every fabric - a neccessity, insisted Tom.


If you get chance to visit our shop in Bolton, just before you leave, take a look up. There you will see a happy smiling picture of Tom, looking down on what his market stall has become.


Jayne Thompson